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Wet weather notifications will be posted on the ERNA Facebook Page or ERNA website.
Training at Meadowbank
Wed 6-7pm- 11/2s,Cad 1,14/1s,14/3s & 13/4s
Wed 7-8pm- 15/1s,A1,A2,B2 & C2

Thur 5-6pm- 8s,9s &10/2s
Thur 6-7pm- 11/4s & 12/2s
Thur 7-8pm- C11,C10,Cad 6, Cad 4 and C3

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Upcoming Games

Round 12 - July 31 (Day)

This round has been cancelled.

Contact your tean manager for more information.

Umpire roster emailed

posted June 17, 2021 by Janine Joannou - viewed 43 times

I have become aware that some umpires have not received the umpiring roster for this week. Could all umpires please check their emails, and let me know if you haven't received it.


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