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COVID -19 - Guidelines for Season 2021

posted April 20, 2021 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 229 times

Hi Everyone,

We are looking forward to our netball season starting this Saturday.
Please read the following message from Trevor regarding the Upcoming season and the COVID -19 Guidelines that will be in place.
Please print and read the attachment so that everything is clear!
Thanks Susan

Dear Clubs,

Much as I would have loved to have reported that everything is returning to normal, the reality is that, under law, we still need to operate with some COVID-normal arrangements.

NSW Health has consolidated all COVID-19 Safety Plan templates and issued updates, as recently as 12th April.


So whatever we set in place now, we’re going to have to keep an eye out for changes that will continue to appear as the management of the pandemic continues to evolve.

The attached pack provides all the details for the Day Competition which can be summarised as follows:

  1. Page 1 shows the background and why we have various COVID-19 Safety Plans


  1. Page 2 shows the Rules & Requirements which should be shared fair and wide, especially the highlighted items:
  • Stay away if unwell and get tested
  • 18 participants per team
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Wait away from the courts until the final siren
  • Adopt a “Get In, Play, Get Out” approach
  • All non-player participants must use the QR code provided on the scoresheets (this includes coaches, managers, umpires, officials, spectators etc. etc.)


  1. Page 3 shows the detail behind the Participant Cap


  1. Page 4 shows the detail behind the process for Separation of timeslots


  1. Page 5 shows the detail for the Canteens


We thank you for your co-operation and assistance with communicating these rules and requirements to your members.

Please let me know if you have any related questions at any stage.


Bring on round 1. 



 /media/files/ERNA COVID19 Rules and Requirements .pdf 


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