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1900 962 017
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Training at Meadowbank
Wed 21 March for teams 1 2 3 4 6 8 10 11 12 13 15 18 19 20.
Thurs 22 March for teams 7 9 14 16 17

Our Club Cheer!

Comets, Comets
     see us fly,
Watch us defend
     and see us try.
Three cheers for other team
     and the Umpires too,
Three Cheers for The Comets.
     Netball Rules!!!

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Upcoming Games

Round 11 - June 30 (Day)
 (Comets 1)
vsWest Ryde Rovers 3
MP - Court 8
 (Comets 2)
vsWest Ryde Rovers 13
MP - Court 14
 (Comets 3)
vsNorth Ryde Rsl 7
MP - Court 17
 (Comets 4)
vsNorth Ryde Rsl 14
MP - Court 25
 (Comets 5)
vsSanta Sabina 3
MP - Court 8
 (Comets 6)
vsWoolwich 10
MP - Court 1
 (Comets 7)
 (Comets 8)
vsOlmc 2
MP - Court 9
 (Comets 9)
vsSt Andrews 10
MP - Court 20
 (Comets 10)
vs12 Yr Reps 2018
MP - Court 4
 (Comets 11)
vsErmington United 6
MP - Court 28
 (Comets 12)
vsWest Ryde Rovers 26
MP - Court 13
 (Comets 13)
vsSanta Sabina 13
MP - Court 8
 (Comets 14)
vsWoolwich 25
MP - Court 15
 (Comets 15)
vsHalos 4
MP - Court 23
 (Comets 16)
vsAlexanders 4
MP - Court 2
 (Comets 17)
vsDundas United Netball Club 12
MP - Court 9
 (Comets 18)
vsSt Andrews 21
BF - Court 4
 (Comets 19)
vsNorth Ryde Rsl 32
BF - Court 7
 (Comets 20)
vsMarsfield Bluebelles 14
BF - Court 5

Welcome to Comets Netball

Comets Netball Club has seen phenomenal growth since it started in 2009. This is due to the "happiness factor" of our members who encourage friends to join us.

Our aim is to support members in whatever pathway they choose (player, coach, umpire, administrator). Our Committee continually looks for ways to improve knowledge, skill and outcomes for our members.

Practice sessions are on Thursdays at Meadowbank Park, Adelaide Street, Meadowbank. Games are played on Saturdays at either Brush Farm (10 and under) or Meadowbank Park (11 and over).

Saturday Game Times are determined by Eastwood Ryde Netball Association and we cannot confirm those times until March.

Our uniform hire policy is designed to help alleviate some of the cost of growing girls so that parents don’t have to buy new uniforms every year. If your child has a growth spurt during the season, you just swap for a larger uniform when returning the old one.

Important information is emailed to all members whenever a web post is made so that everyone gets the same message at the same time.

If you would like to know more about becoming a part of our club, please go to our Contact Us page and we will respond quickly to your enquiry.

Debbie Frankenberg - President

Latest News

Congratulations Skye and Jaspen

Two of our new umpires who have just completed the Umpire Development Program have today been awarded their ERNA Encouragement awards for umpiring. Skye and Jaspen have learnt so much more ...

posted June 23, 2018 by Janine Joannou - viewed 41 times

Extra Special Umpire Success

      EXTRA SPECIAL UMPIRING SUCCESS After devoting many years of her time as Comets Umpiring Convenor building and managing the pathways of many of our Comets more ...

posted June 16, 2018 by Simon Brownlow - viewed 165 times

Meadowbank Duties - Week 11 (30/6/18)

Below are the details of the duties as found in the fixtures book! Meadowbank teams will be required to volunteer for Table Duty and Canteen Duty  in Week more ...

posted June 8, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 149 times

Wednesday Training cancelled

All Wednesday training sessions at Meadowbank today are cancelled due to the rain. A reminder we have a long weekend this weekend so therefore no games on Saturday 9th June more ...

posted June 6, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 46 times

Brush Farm Duties -Week 10

Below are the details of the duties as found in the fixtures book! Brush Farm teams will be required to volunteer for Canteen Duty in Week 10 -Saturday 23rd June more ...

posted June 2, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 73 times

Wednesday Training Cancelled


posted May 30, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 25 times

Round 6 Team 11 14/2 vs West Ryde Rovers

What a fantastic hard fought game the girls had this week. We were 1 player down with poor Tyla spraining her ankle. The girls adapted to play without a WA more ...

posted May 20, 2018 by Sam - viewed 37 times

Calendar Dates in Coming Weeks

Round 6- Sat 19th May- Crazy hair and Sock Day Round 7-  Sat 26th May Round 8- Sat 2nd June NO GAMES SAT 9th JUNE (State Championships) Round 9 more ...

posted May 17, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 122 times

Crazy Hair and Sock Day this Saturday

IT'S CRAZY HAIR AND SOCK DAY THIS SATURDAY 19th May !!! Let's all get involved and wear our silliest socks and hair styles in support of the  Kids more ...

posted May 17, 2018 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 64 times

Umpiring Accolades

Congratulations to another Comets umpire today!

posted May 12, 2018 by Janine Joannou - viewed 192 times

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