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New COVID Guidelines for netball this Saturday!

posted May 6, 2021 by Susan Brownlow - viewed 294 times

Hi Everyone,

Please read the following message from Trevor regarding the updated COVID-19 Rules and Requirements. Managers please use the QR codes on the back of the score sheets to ensure all non- players / spectators check in and monitor numbers courtside carefully. The fewer people courtside the better for our competition to continue! If you can watch from a distance on the grass or a spare court please do so!

Canteen workers will be required to wear masks on Saturday! 

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.





Dear Clubs,


Thanks for your and your members assistance with compliance to the COVID Rules and Requirements during the first two rounds.


With the latest COVID-19 developments in Sydney, we have updated our “Day Comp 2021 – COVID-19 Rules and Requirements”, as shown by the attached document.


There are two additional Rules since the original version as follows:


  1. On page 2 – you and your members are asked to check whether or not they may have been exposed to COVID-19:
  1. On page 5 – Face masks
  • At any time that the NSW Government makes masks compulsory for front-of-house hospitality staff, canteen staff and volunteers must wear a mask.  At other times staff and volunteers can wear masks and gloves at their own discretion
  • For this weekend face masks will be compulsory for Canteen and BBQ volunteers and staff


We also need to re-emphasise the following:

  • The clubhouse and control rooms should be accessed by ERNA Officials only – this means they are not public areas – we will advise the plans for Late Registration separately

·         If you’re unwell, stay away and get tested

·         Maximum of 18 participants per team – there’s not room for any more people so please ensure rosters are in place and that team managers are monitoring compliance

·         Practice physical distance when not playing e.g. spread out along the edge of your court, don’t just huddle together, move to the other side of the court if there’s space there and not on the side you’re on, step back onto any unused courts alongside your own court

·         Wait away from the courts (wait on the grass at Meadowbank and not between the courts) when arriving for timeslots after the first one – this assists with physical distancing and keeps the timeslots slight apart (this also means you cannot use a “spare” court for a warm up or training session)

·         Adopt an “Arrive, Play, Leave” Approach – arrival should be linked to the above and departure needs to be completed promptly so the next timeslot can have time to warm up

·         All non-players should use the QR code provided around the venue and on the scoresheets – the benefits of this should be clear to all


We will have increased compliance checking this weekend but we really need everyone to help so we can continue to run a COVIDSafe competition, in line with the Public Health Law.


Thanks for passing this messaging on to your members.


Please let me know if you have any follow on questions at any stage.






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